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 our inspirations

Shishu Kalyan school

Shishu Kalyan School Toys 2 240823.jpeg
Shishu Kalyan School Utensils 1 020923.jpeg

Prabartak Samgha Home

Probartak 1 200923
Prabhat tak Saraswati Puja Feb 2022
Prabartak 2 – Feb 22
Prabartak Rupa1
Prabartak Rupa2
Prabartak Rupa3

One of the most joyous festivals of India, specially for children, Holi was celebrated in Children home ABWU premises, with colour and much affection .  All our Didi's too celebrated inside Old Age Home  hall.  How wonderful to watch them singing together on this auspicious occasion.

Holi celebrated by our Old Age Home residents with a group of  guests.

Mira Upkar Trust, Bangaluru

MUS 2– Feb 22
MUS 1 – Feb 22
Meera Upkar Samiti – Feb 22

Welfare Society For The Blind, Kolkata

WSB - Feb 2022.jpeg
WSB Auto Eye Refractor inauguration IOCL 1 071023.jpeg

“ Love and kindness are never wasted.They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.”

Pushpamoyee School

Pushpamoyee 1
Pushpamoyee 3
Pushpamoyee 4
Pushpamoyee 5
Pushpamoyee 6

Balwadi Creche (ABWU)

Anandan School

Anandan School 1 220923.jpeg
Recognition of RTSA-Rotary Club of Belve
SPS Welfare Society-20191017.jpg
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