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Since the onset of the worldwide Pandemic the whole world has been  trying to improve the condition of the people, both physical and mental .  The total education system was about to collapse because of social distancing .The online system of education virtually saved it from total breakdown. Small NGOS, for whom we were working , were threatened with grave economic crisis in this juncture . The intention of our GBS was to support  them in a way that they should not face any difficulty to enrich the standards of the children 's education as well as the quality of their life. 


One of our beneficiaries deals with the visually impaired individuals . The NGO Welfare Society of Blind (WSB ) deals with a most difficult work which needs loads of empathy and deep sense of understanding. Some of our beneficiaries work with the Physically and mentally challenged special children. These institutions are Ashaniketan, Mira UpkarTrust and Prabartak Shangha. Especially Prabartak Shangha Home  (totally ) and Ashaniketan ( partially )  deal with the "Children of Heaven" . What a challenging work they are rendering to the society. We are grateful to be a part of their struggle. The other four NGOS, viz, Puspomayee School, Shishukalyan School, Balwadi Creche, ABWU and Anandan School, are taking care of the underprivileged children. A very difficult journey indeed . We are deeply involved in their work . Last but not the least is the Old Age Home, ABWU. We are fortunate to give support to the elderly sisters who gets a feeling of home in OAH. Actually they have no near and dears in this selfish world. 


We have successfully completed our commitments towards two of our beneficiaries Puspomayee School and Anandan School. We have provided 

12 stainless steel plates for lunch , exercise copies , pencils, erasers, Art papers , pens and many other stationery items for the use children. Anandan 

School 's requirement of 105 packets of useful items like Nutritious food items (Amul milk , Pack of soya chunks ) and Items for cleanliness ( bathing soaps) etc , have been successfully fulfilled. These items were provided for 105 children of  Anandan. 


We always look forward towards our kind donners who unconditionally support these NGOS. We feel proud to mention the name of Jaydip Bhattachariya, nephew of our own Arun Bhattachariya ,who repeatedly  supported our beneficiary  NGOS. Joydip has donated  Rs. 44 ,700 for buying Uniforms , track pants and cardigans for 62 children of Balwadi Creche, ABWU, in remembrance of his father Late Dr. Ajit Bhattachariya 's death  Anniversary on the Independence day,15 August. On this auspicious day Arun and Anita , took part in the celebration of Independence Day of ABWU and distributed the uniforms and Cardigans amongst the children of Balowadi Creche ABWU. Our humble gratitude to Jaydip and love for Anita and Arun for this noble and generous work. 

From Mumbai Pravin's son Sujay and daughter in law Kanika sent huge number of toys  and clothes to Shishukalyan School. What a kind and loving gesture towards the children of Shishukalyan. We are ever grateful to both Kanika and Sujay for their repeated help to our cause. Finally I would like to thank Munmun, niece of our own late Tapobrata Bhattachariya, for her kind gesture towards the children of Anandan School. She had distributed 1Tiffin Box , 1 water bottle , 1pack of juice and I Cadbury milk chocolate to each of 40 students of South End Park Centre of Anandan School . We have no words to express our heartiest thanks to her noble and benevolent work for the Society .


This has reference to my last month's note where I had mentioned about IOCL approval for Rs. 2.68 lac donation from their CSR Fund towards purchase of Auto Refractor for Eye Clinic at WSB . IOCL team visited WSB to sign the MOA on 31st July and subsequently remitted 50% of 

Rs. 2.68 lac as advance to WSB on 11th August. The balance amount will be transferred once the Auto Refractor  is delivered and installed at Welfare Society of Blind ( WSB) . 


The Independence day has been celebrated in all our friend NGOs . It is indeed overwhelming . But from the bottom of our heart we all members pray for the day , when true independence of the soul will emerge from the darkness of illiteracy ,  poverty and ignorance. 


Your's Sincerely 


Anindita Roy. 

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These are some of the excited children & members of Shishu Kalyan School and ABWU Balwadi Creche during the holiday festivities in December

 South Point 66 Social Welfare Society helps 9 CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS through ITS 'GBS' INITIATIVE 

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