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Winter has come. The first thing that comes to our mind is the miseries of our Pavement Dwellers and the suffering  of the people of Low Income Group during the chilled winter . Since the onset of a world wide pandemic and subsequent  downfall of The world  economy, the homelessness has become an important issue.  In fact, the pavement dwellers  and the underprivileged people are amongst the most deprived section in urban areas  . In terms of living conditions, access to basic facilities and health infrastructures , this section people  is worst affected . Our problem is that we can not reach these poorest sections of society in an organised manner  because of their scattered presence in different  locations of the cities .In chilled winter we only can try to reach them through our beneficiary NGOs . These  NGOs deal with so many acute problems like caring for abandoned children , rescuing street children and even giving shelter  to the missing young boys and girls or the orphan pavement dwellers . They provide these unfortunate people with food , shelter  and complete  medical assistance.  So by  supporting them  , GBS constantly trying to prove  that  if Winter  comes Spring can not be far behind.


Throughout the month of November we have successfully completed our fulfilment plans. The requirement of Old Age Home , ABWU was monthly Groceries which we have given on time. Three ceiling fans and one mounted fan were provided to Welfare Society for the Blind as par their monthly requirement.


Though we work for our beneficiary NGOs, still in this matter , the most constructive and important part is played by our generous donors. This month the  most  significant donation was made  by  Mrs.Sunanda Sen as a   tribute to the  elders of her family. She arranged for an elaborate and delicious lunch for forty  inmates of Prabartak Samgha  Home. This sumptuous lunch along with  new  Puja Clothes for all, have filled the hearts of all the children with joy and happiness. All the children we are talking about, are homeless  and  many of them  are handicapped in different  ways . We convey our loads of thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Mrs.Sunanda  Sen.


In our journey to bring happiness to the  have-nots, the Corporate sector has already extended their hands for support.  CGM , Indian Bank, Kolkata has approved 5 numbers of Wheel Chairs @ Rs 7000 each for Asha Niketan . We are extremely grateful to the Indian Bank for this noble work .


At the end of my note , I am wishing all a very Happy New Year ahead . Hope the New Year will see a new dawn. Let a happy and smiling child embrace another forgetting the petty differences.


Yours sincerely ,

Anindita Roy. 

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Remembering Shubhra

We express  our deep sorrow at the passing  away  of our very dear friend Shubhra Dutta ,on 26th Slept ember 2023 . She was an active , generous and  noble hearted member of South Point '66 Social Welfare  Society . She had completed her schooling from  South Point High school, graduated from  Presidency college, Calcutta and  did her  post -graguation in History   from  Calcutta University. She embarked on a distiguished career with the State Bank of Mysore,  serving diligently in various states across the country till her retirement . As the  Treasurer of the previous Committee and an office bearer as Authorized Signatory of our  present Committee   she had continuously worked for our beneficiaries , spontaneously helped any one in distress and supported our cause wholeheartedly .Her warmth, wisdom and radiant smile touched the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing her . Her memory will be ever fresh in our mind.   

 South Point 66 Social Welfare Society helps 9 CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS through ITS 'GBS' INITIATIVE 

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