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There’s a popular saying that ‘if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ written by P B Shelly in the concluding line of his poem Ode to the West Wind. It equates the onset of spring with hope in times of darkness and struggle. With that same thought, we celebrate the colours in our lives by playing Holi (Dol Utsab, in West Bengal) in almost all parts of India. A festival where we celebrate life with colours brings a lot of joy and hope for the future. And that hope for the future, keeps us going.

Our welfare society have completed successfully the commitments for the month of February.  We have provided Prabartak Shangha Home with groceries as their monthly requirement .On the other hand, Balwadi Creche, ABWU was given study materials like books, drawing copies, modelling clay, pin, adhesives and many other items which can help the studies as their requirement for the month.

Our beneficiaries are always blessed with the kind help of benevolent donors. Mr Vijay Bharatiya nephew of our member Pravin has donated Rs.15000 for the children of Anandan. That amount was invested in buying sewing machines for Ananda’s Kolkata Centre and 100 pencil boxes with stationeries for the tribal children of Anandan’s Huchukpara Centre. Children were elated to receive a fresh stock of supplies for the year. Another noble donation has been made towards Shishukalyan School by Debi and Sonia, the lovely and thoughtful daughters of Tapobrata and Nandita in remembrance of their father, our very own Tapobrata. A heartfelt thanks to both Debi and Sonia for keeping your father’s legacy alive with these generous gestures.

An important update on our journey needs to be mentioned. Our SP66SWS team under the guidance of our own Arun Bhattacharya has been interacting with meeting various organisations and MNCs to discuss a way to collaborate and contribute towards the upliftment of NGO beneficiaries. 

Last, but not the least, I would like to convey my gratitude to all GBS members who are trying working hard to make our vision of helping, healing, and caring a reality for all of us.

Yours Sincerely

Anindita Roy

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These are some of the excited children & members of Shishu Kalyan School and ABWU Balwadi Creche during the holiday festivities in December

 South Point 66 Social Welfare Society helps 9 CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS through ITS 'GBS' INITIATIVE 

Helping, Healing, Caring
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