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The journey to finding your best self starts by giving your best self to others. No gift is too big or too small. What's important is we help them all.  The very tag line of South Point 66 Social Welfare Society logo is ' Helping , Healing & Caring '.  We support 10 small NGOs within our limited capability. Giving to charity is one of the most important things that we all can do , especially when that charity is working to help underprivileged children like orphans , support elderly homeless people to make sure these senior citizens are taken care of in their Old Age Home , giving a better life to destitute kids , visually challenged people , intellectually challenged persons , give educations to slum children etc etc  Request go through our ' About ' page and ' What We Do ' page in our Portal to understand more about our activities.The value of money isn't what it can buy, but how much it can help.  No gift is ever a wasted effort as long as it's given with your whole heart , the efforts of one person or Group can't move mountains but it's the strength of us all working together that makes a change.  Even the smallest gift to charity can make a huge impact. and it's not the amount that matters but the meaning behind it .Whether you decide to make a one off donation or set up a monthly gift , you can change a life forever today. Often , one meal at the right time will be enough to make a difference between life and death -- Together we can try to bring an end to sufferings for these underprivileged people. 

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